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Galangan Balikpapan Utama is strategically located in Kariangau Balikpapan East Kalimantan Island.

The yard itself had been in existence since 1972 and had built up an extensive and proven track record in engineering and fabrication, shipbuilding, shiprepairs and construction of power barge.

Tug boat
Coal Barge
Landing Craft
Oil Barge
Other Barge
Vesel Barge

Shipyard Activity

Based on 2006-2014 record we have there has been a variety ship that come to our facilities from Tug Boat, Landing Craft, Ferry, Barge, Other Barge and Vessel. There has been 734 ship coming to our facilities which is mean we are one of the biggest ship repair and building in our location. 234 Tug boat, 178 Coal Barge, 57 Ferry, 32 Landing Craft, 77 Oil Barge, 114 Other Barge, 37 Other vessel.

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